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Here are some of the best pieces of fitness equipment for a full body, balanced exercise program that you need to get six pack abs


There is no secret when it comes to effective ways to burn fat and show off your 6pack abdominals.  Companies with ab products are trying to scam you when real personal trainers, health & fitness experts and bodybuildig gurus have been constantly preaching the balanced, full body exercise program including weight and cardiovascular training.  Here are the best, legitimate fitness products that will help you during your 6 pack quest.


The Best Cheap Fitness Products to help You in your Six Pack Quest (Under $150)


 Bodylastics Bands6pack abdominals bulletBodylastics Resistance Bands
Bodylastics is a set of resistance bands which provides well over 100 pounds of resistance if needed.  They allow the person exercising to perform a full body workout anywhere and can be carried to anywhere to work out.  Remember, abdominals exercises are the last priority for most people when it comes to getting six pack abs.
 TRX6pack abdominals bulletTRX Suspension Trainer
The TRX suspension trainer from Fitness Anywhere is a piece of exercise equipment which can also give you a full body workout and all you need is something sturdy to attach it to.  Some of the very best and most difficult abdominal exercises can be performed with the TRX suspension trainer as well.
 6pack abdominals bulletAdjustable Jump Rope
A great cardio exercise does not have to come from an expensive machine.  Jumping rope can be done almost everywhere and can burn over 1000 Calories per hour.  Being adjustable is important for the best Calorie burning.


If you are looking to define your abdominals and get your 6pack, the answer could be as simple as a jump rope.

 6pack abdominals bulletBOSU Balance Trainer
The BOSU balance trainer is not only one of the best surfaces to do abdominal crunches on, it is possible to perform hundreds if not thousands of different dynamic exercises on it.  You can even perform high intensity fat shredding cardio sessions with the help of the BOSU balance trainer.  Don't just buy one BOSU, buy 2 or more to get the ultimate balance, bodyweight resistance training and fat shredding cardio workouts.
 Stability Ball6pack abdominals bulletStability Balls

Stability balls are perfect for the abdominal exercises that will help define your abs once you have burned the fat off of them.  Stability balls not only allow you to perform six pack abs defining exercises for the abdominals but allow you to work your deep core muscles which will tighten and shrink your waistline without going through the entire process of burning fat.


Expensive Exercise Machines for your Home Gym


 6pack abdominals bulletStairMaster Stepper
The Stairmaster stepper is a forgotten cardio machine sometimes.  One of the more difficult cardio machines burns a large number of Calories.  The stairmaster is a good machine to use for short interval sessions.  It also takes up less space than a treadmill which makes it an ideal home cardio machine.  The huge number of calories burned will help you define your abdominals region.
 6pack abdominals bulletStairMaster Stepmill
The stepmill or stairmill is one of the best pieces of cardio equipment.  It is large and takes up a lot of space vertically and horizontally.  It feels natural, if you think walking up steps is natural.  It is more versatile than the stairmaster because you can do abdominals exercises while you are doing cardio.  You can use a medicine ball and perform wood chops and turn your torso at different angles to help redefine your abdominals and get 6pack abs.



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Hard & Paperback Books to Help you Achieve Six Pack Abdominals


 6pack abdominals bulletEssential Cleansing for Perfect Health
When starting a diet program it is very very important to start with a fresh slate.  This means cleansing your system.  It is an often overlooked step that can stop people from achieving their goals before they start.

Cleansing can help you lose up to 3 inches around your waist immediately.  Your body will be extremely more efficient at fat burning if you start your workout program after a cleanse.  After a cleanse your body is well on its way to achieving 6pack abdominals.

 6pack abdominals bulletDr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution
Revised edition of the book that took the US by storm.  This book outlines the diet plan that many people claimed to have followed, BUT if you haven't read the book yet, you DID NOT follow the Atkins' diet.


The Atkins' Diet is for some people and not for others.  When all is said and done it is simply just a low calorie diet which will help you burn fat to expose your 6pack abdominals.

 6pack abdominals bulletThe Total Detox Plan
If you think you don't need to detox, maybe you should read a book to give you a reason to.  No matter how healthy you try to be a detox or cleanse will benefit most people beyond their belief.


To have a toned mid-section and show your abdominals you need not to have excess toxins in your body.  This could give you a bloated 6pack which is unsightly.



Six Pack Abdominal Products FAQ:


Q.  Where are all the abdominal exercise machines?

A.  Abdominal exercise machines are complete garbage and will not help you get six pack abs.  Buying them is a complete waste of your money and using them is a complete waste of your time.


Cardio Timing

In the morning on an empty stomach?

Have you heard this before?  Doing your cardio exercise on an empty stomach in the morning will burn more fat than doing cardio any other time.  This is actually not true.  The best time to do your cardio exercise is when you feel like doing it.  This is true because if you are in the mood to do cardio exercise, you will have better focus and eventually burn more Calories.


So get out there and do some cardio!


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